The fee for a full day presentation beginning February 1, 2020 is $5,800.

The fee for sites in the Pacific Time Zone is $6,800 per day.

These fees include all travel expenses. The site is responsible for reproducing a small five-page, double-sided handout for each participant.

Although full day presentations provide the best opportunity for sites to maximize the experience for their participants, we understand that sometimes sites can only offer a half-day presentation.

In those cases, a half day presentation is $4,800 except during July and August in which half-day presentations are $5,800.

The fee for half-day presentations for the Pacific Time Zone remain at $6,800 due to travel time and expenses.

Special Notes:

  1. If you would like two days of back-to-back presentations, such as having the two-day seminar conducted at your site, the price is $5800 for the first day and $4,800 for the second day.
  2. If you are interested in the price of becoming a “Larry Bell School,” we can send you a complete brochure which contains that information.
  3. The fee for the Larry Bell Leadership Academy is $7,800 per day. For more information on the Leadership Academy look under programs on the website or email us and we can send you that information.

To schedule a workshop or for answers to any questions you can reach our Event Coordinator, Nancy Lyall at 703.969.0197 or email

If you would like to speak to Larry directly you may reach him at 703.969.0156.