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Achieve More! Educator Development Program

Achieve More!
Educator Development Program

Achieve More! is a partnership program between Larry Bell and teaching universities. It is designed to address the challenges student teachers and first year teachers face as they go into the classroom. Every teaching institution wants to make sure their graduates are ready to teach, and teach well, on day one! This program focuses on everyday classroom situations and provides best practices and strategies used by the best teachers nationwide.

This program consists of three virtual workshops conducted by Larry Bell. Each workshop is interactive and engaging. Larry uses humor and real-life stories that hold the participants’ attention. He provides strategies and best practices that can be implemented immediately.

All three of the following workshops are recommended in order for participants to gain the greatest benefit from this program. However, it is suggested that you select one of the workshops, and if you find it as worthwhile as we know you will, you can then contract for the other two. The strategies provided are the same ones Larry gives to veteran teachers across the nation to increase their efficacy in the classroom. These strategies will supplement the learning your students have received through their classes at your institution. 

Classroom Management Strategies

For new and inexperienced teachers, successful classroom management is often the difference between succeeding and failing as a teacher. Every teacher has the ability to be able to reach and teach almost any child when they have the proper strategies and techniques. This workshop will also equip the participants with strategies to build strong relationships with students and maintain respect in the classroom. 

For more information on Classroom Management Strategies workshop click here.

Engaging Instructional Strategies

Students do not learn if they are bored. This workshop presents dozens of strategies and techniques to keep students engaged in lessons regardless of the topic. Included are the 12 Powerful Words vocabulary building strategy, the UNRA(A)VEL reading comprehension strategy, Math UNRA(A)VEL strategy for math word problems and Writing UNRA(A)VEL for use with writing prompts. 

For more information on Engaging Instructional  Strategies workshop click here.

Testing Strategies for Standardized Tests

Students often do poorly on standardized tests not because their teachers did not teach well and not because the students did not learn. Students often perform badly because they have not been provided the proper strategies for this type of test. This workshop provides strategies to mentally, academically and emotionally prepare students for state and standardized tests - without teaching to the test!

For more information on Testing Strategies for Standardized Tests workshop click here.

As you can see from perusing Larry’s website, he offers workshops on a variety of topics. He also can design a workshop using input from you to address specific needs of your students. 

For more information or to contract to do a workshop contact Larry today through
Email: Larry@Larry-Bell.com or call him directly at 703.969.0156.