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1. Who is the most appropriate audience for Larry’s presentations?

Larry’s presentations are designed primarily for teachers and administrators from grades preschool through 12th. The material is appropriate for all subject areas, although there are some specific strategies that will relate to specific subjects. Larry works with whoever brings him to a site to make sure his presentation addresses the specific issues or themes they request. There are separate and distinct presentations designed strictly for administrative audiences including his Leadership Academy. Larry also does presentations at the college and university level for pre-service teachers as well as professors and administrators.

2. How long does a presentation on-site last?

The length of the presentation is adjusted to the amount of time that the customer has available. The preferred length of time is all day. This normally means from approximately 8:30 AM until 2:30 PM. However, at least a third of all presentations have been adjusted to a half day or less depending upon time available and needs. Larry works with the customer to prioritize the material presented.

3. How many people can attend Larry’s presentation?

There is no limit to the number of people that can attend a Larry Bell presentation. Customers have offered his presentation to as few as eight at a small group training to as many as 18,000 at an all-day national conference. Larry believes the more there are in attendance, the easier it is to get buy-in because people are likely to hear from others just like themselves who have found some measure of success using some of the strategies he brings to the table.

4. What type of venue is needed for Larry’s presentations?

The preferred place to hold a Larry Bell presentation is in an auditorium. The seats are more comfortable for adult audiences. Participants can still partner with the people seated near them. The second option is to hold the presentation in a library. Libraries have larger chairs more conducive for the comfort of adult audiences. Comfort should always be the first consideration.

5. Will this be a lecture?

Absolutely not! More than 75% of a full day or half-day presentation involves audience participation through group activities of some nature.

6. What are Larry’s administrative trainings like?

Larry provides a one-day training for administrators that addresses various leadership issues. He also offers his Leadership Academy. The Leadership Academy is conducted in conjunction with Gary Wayman a former Superintendent from Arkansas. Together this dynamic duo create an in-depth, site-specific curriculum that is presented at four trainings throughout the year. Although Larry has definite topics he believes need to be addressed, specific topics can be provided by the customer. All administrative trainings provide specific strategies leaders can use to address the pressing issues they face. These presentations are interactive and extremely practical.

7. What services does Larry offer at national and regional conferences?

The preference at national and regional conferences is to do a keynote followed by one or two breakout sessions. Working with conference officials, Larry tailors his message to fit the conference theme. The breakout sessions offer practical strategies to implement the conference theme.

8. Does Larry offer any programs or long-term solutions?

Often after schools or districts have had Larry present they want to continue to have Larry work with their staffs. Larry has therefore developed “Larry Bell Schools” and “Larry Bell Districts.” These sites have reaped the maximum benefits from Larry’s breadth and depth of knowledge as he returns to the school or district several times throughout the year to work with Leadership Teams in a train-the-trainers program. He also conducts school visits to provide support to the staff and students.

Larry also offers the Leadership Academy for administrators, future administrators and teacher leaders. This too is a year-long program. 

9. How much do you charge to come and speak at a school or district? 

a. The price of a paradigm-shifting, life-changing presentation by Larry Bell ranges from $5800 to $7800 per day.
b. The price of the Leadership Academy is $8800 per day.
c. Larry’s fee includes ALL expenses.
d. The customer is asked to print a five-page double-sided handout for each participant.
e. Larry can offer his posters, DVDs, book and other teacher resources for sale at your site if you would like this service. It is NOT a requirement! However, many administrators pre-order materials at a discount.