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On August 16, 2018 the Mississippi State Department of Education announced that achievement scores are up in Mississippi in most areas with most students across the board. This is a great news for all educators in the state of Mississippi. It also puts additional pressure on all educators throughout the state to continue this trend.

Mississippi teachers must be given the support they need to meet the high expectations and high achievement levels that have now been set. Larry Bell can do just that.

"​I believe that the state of Mississippi is finally getting the recognition it deserves for having such a dedicated and hard-working group of educators. From some of the most impoverished, rural areas, to some of the most affluent college area school districts, Mississippi teachers have shown they can be some of the best in the nation. For over 20 years I have been honored to help Mississippi educators exceed state, and in some cases, national standards. The major issue is helping teachers gain the confidence and believe in their ability to help some of the poorest students in America succeed. Once they have been reminded of their power through high expectations, the strength of caring and love to reach across so-called “barriers” and re-connected with their “joy for teaching” they have been able to help thousands of students defy the odds. I know I can help your teachers because I have helped so many other Mississippi teachers."

Larry Bell

Educational Motivational Speaker, Consultant & Author

The following are just a handful of close to 100 Mississippi schools/districts Larry has worked with over the last 20 years:

Hattiesburg Public Schools
Tupelo Public Schools
Pascagoula School District
Aberdeen School District
Richland Upper Elementary School
Richland High School
North Bay Elementary
DeSoto County Schools
Vicksburg Warren Public Schools

Larry also presented for:

Mississippi Department of Education
Mississippi Assoc. Of School Supts.
Mississippi Assoc. Of Federal Program Dirs.
Principals’ Institute Millsaps College

​​This is what educators in Mississippi say about Larry:

"Mr. Bell’s workshop that day was engaging, entertaining, and so relevant to what I needed as an educator. I laughed. I was up moving with Mr. Bell. I was so engaged in the information he was sharing that the entire day just flew by. Mr. Bell’s workshops are some of the best and most meaningful I have ever attended."

Toby Price

Principal of Richland Upper Elementary School, MS

"Larry Bell, my Larry Bell, your sessions were the best I have seen in my 14 years at LCSD. Everyone, tell Larry we love his enthusiasm. Larry, we love your enthusiasm. Say it like you mean it! Thanks Larry Bell, I like your teaching methods.”

Laura Young


"I would like to thank you for the time you spent with the teachers in our school district. Your workshops were engaging, highly energetic, and motivational to our teacher teams. During the two years in our district the schools you worked with used your “UNRA(A)VEL” and “12 Powerful Words” strategies to infuse a common thread across all classrooms. Thanks for all you did Larry!”

W. Frank Catchings

Ph.D., Dir. of Fed. Programs, Pascagoula-Gautier School District