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Our Difference

Learn Why Larry Bell is the Right Partner
for Your Schools & Educators

  • Larry brings back the “joy” of teaching: Larry Bell’s biggest difference is that, first and foremost, he helps bring joy back to teaching for his audience. Larry does this by helping educators remember why they became teachers in the first place. He reminds educators that the lives, dreams and very futures of so many students are in their hands every day. Using his inspiring style, he is able to rekindle and reignite the spark many teachers and administrators seem to lose as they become beaten-down and bogged down in the day-to-day minutia of education. Participants leave his presentation feeling highly empowered, impassioned and motivated to take on the world because of the way he presents, as well as the “next day,” effective, practical strategies he provides.
  • Larry’s presentations are FUN!: Probably the biggest difference you will hear most participants say after a Larry Bell presentation is that it was fun. Many leave saying they did not even realize what time it was because of how much fun they had. Through the use of appropriate humor, true stories about his time as a teacher and administrator as well as other documented experiences in the world of education, Larry is able to put the audience at ease and drive home critical and sometimes difficult material.
  • Larry keeps his audience involved and engaged: Larry has developed methods and techniques that keep his audience involved and engaged throughout the presentation. He does this in various ways such as use of call and response (choral response), small group work, audience participation, movement and music, continual questioning and other methods that require the audience to do something. Larry believes learning is an interactive process that only occurs when both the presenter and the audience’s minds are active and engaged with each other.
  • Larry’s strategies get results!: Larry provides highly effective strategies that have been used successfully for the last 20 years. His strategies are instructional and also engaging for the students. Schools and districts that have incorporated his strategies and used them consistently throughout the year have seen significant improvement in their student achievement.
  • Larry has the data to back up what he says: Using data from schools and districts that Larry has transformed, he is often able to convince the most skeptical teachers to give his strategies a try. The data includes audiences seeing and hearing real principals, superintendents and teachers on video that explain how Larry helped to turn things around for their sites. Larry invites the audience to contact these individuals if they choose.