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Larry Bell is the Keynote Speaker to Help Make Your Conference a Success

Larry provides stunning, motivational and inspirational keynotes and breakouts for national, state and local conferences. Bring Larry to your conference and he will be the highlight of your event! His sessions are among the highest attended and receive outstanding evaluations. Larry has extensive experience presenting on a variety of topics so he has the ability to seamlessly tie in any conference theme with his presentations.

Larry’s most requested topics for keynotes include:

  • The Power of A Teacher – Through High Expectations
  • Bringing Joy Back to Teaching
  • The Power to Make a Difference
  • Closing the Achievement Gap – Every Teacher Can!
  • The Power of an Administrator

Larry can also do breakout sessions that provide specific strategies to achieve successful implementation of the keynote concepts.

Larry is experienced at customizing keynotes and breakout sessions to specifically address conference themes.

These are just a few of the comments on Larry’s keynoting abilities:

"Oh Amazing One… Sometimes, you just have to break the mold to create a more effective plan. There’s a season for everything. This was the time for both. Changing the format for the opening general session at the TASSP Assistant Principal Workshop was exactly what this workshop needed. Wow! Goo-guh-moo-guh! And all the rest! I could sit and listen to you all day long. You can make the impossible … possible! Keep giving the inspiration to others but be sure you re-energize by hearing the laughter and the responses and by seeing the fire in the eyes of the participants in the room."

Cindy Kirby

Director of Professional Development
Texas Association of Secondary School Principals

"We have been doing Kick-Off Conferences for many, many years, and you were by far the most popular speaker we have had. The reasons are numerous: you were very well prepared, you informed and entertained, you were serious but very funny in your approach, you told the truth, you gave us lots to think about, you quoted well respected and well loved people, you gave everyone tools to take back to their classes and use the very next day – and they did! Every time I see a group of teachers they tell me how they are using your ideas, words, posters, books, and message to do a better job for kids. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Marla J. Reyes

California Teachers Association

These are just a few of the conferences at which Larry has presented:

  • ASCD National Conference
  • California Teachers Association
  • Iowa Association of Alternative Education
  • Louisiana Association of School Administrators of Federally Assisted Programs (LASAFAP)
  • Michigan Alternative Education Organization Conference Michigan ASCD
  • Mississippi Association of School Superintendents (MASS)
  • National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME)
  • National Association of Secondary School Principals (NAASP)
  • National Title I Conference
  • North Carolina Department of Public Instruction’s Raising Achievement and Closing Gaps Conference
  • Tennessee Educational LEADership Conference (LEAD)
  • Texas Association of Secondary School Principals (TASSP)