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About Larry Bell

Larry Bell’s passion is teaching. He taught for 15 years at Gar-field High School in Woodbridge, VA which is about 30 miles south of Washington D.C. Gar-field is a large and diverse high school which had over 3000 students and there Larry taught many of the most challenging students. Larry made it a personal goal to reach all of his students.

After his many years of experience in the classroom Larry went on to share his exuberance for teaching with other educators in the district, as he became the Supervisor of Multicultural Education for Prince William County Schools in Virginia.  There he developed and institutionalized several innovative programs including the Multicultural Summer Institute and the Closing the Achievement Gap Summit. Using a half-million dollar grant awarded to him by the federal government, Larry created a Behavioral Specialist program for the most challenging students in the district. As a result of these successes Larry was compelled to bring his ideas and strategies to other teachers, schools and districts nationwide.

For the last 20+ years Larry has been working with teachers and administrators nationally and internationally.  He has helped educators significantly increase the achievement levels of students. He has also helped teachers improve discipline and classroom management. Larry provides ongoing guidance to numerous “Larry Bell schools and districts” nationwide. These schools and districts have institutionalized his strategies and methods with impressive results. Larry rekindles the joy of teaching in teachers and administrators. He helps educators remember why they became educators in the first place and inspires them to be their very best.