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Arkansas school districts will be using ACT Aspire for testing again for the new school year. This is an opportunity for districts to have continuity and to show growth over time using the same assessment.

Larry Bell helped Waldron Public Schools exceed the national average on ACT Aspire in many areas. This is a challenging assessment. Using a systematic approach and specific strategies that increase the academic abilities of students from preschool through secondary, Larry helped Waldron Public Schools (WPS) on its climb towards the top of the state standings. Although he has helped other Arkansas schools and districts in the past, it is great to see increases in achievement as dramatic as those seen in WPS. The documentation is clear and it is public for all to see.

Using the same assessment for the upcoming year should help every Arkansas district if the district follows a couple of simple steps.

"The fact that some states constantly change the company giving the state assessment has not been a good thing for districts or students. I give great credit to the state of Arkansas for staying with the same assessment for the coming year because everyone knows what to expect at the end of the year. I do not endorse any particular test over another, but I do endorse consistency. Since schools that have used my strategies have enjoyed such great success on the ACT Aspire, I truly hope more Arkansas schools and districts will apply my methods. The vocabulary and reading comprehension strategies I have created are working wonders across the state. I am very proud that so many previously struggling learners are now designated as high achievers. Having such success helps teachers believe in themselves and their students again. I would love to help your school district excel on the ACT Aspire!"

Larry Bell

Educational Motivational Speaker, Consultant & Author

​​​The following are just a few of the 30+ Arkansas schools/districts Larry has worked with over the last 20 years:

Waldron Public Schools
Paris School District
Junction City Schools
Jonesboro Public Schools
Clary Academy
Stuttgart Public School District

​​This is what educators in Arkansas say about Larry:

"Thank you so much for the renewal of my desire to be an inspiration, a “difference-maker”, a TEACHER!  What I got was much more than “staff development.” I got a renewed spirit and drive"

Jeff Sanford

Teacher, Searcy

"Mr. Bell has been working with our school district for several years and our district continues to make gains each year. His program gives teachers tools they can use to help motivate students and realize achievement. Our teachers and students work hard, but Mr. Bell's ideas show them how to "work smart." He is a bundle of energy and his excitement for educating our youth is contagious. He reminds us why we do what we do, because we love our kids and have high expectations for their success! Mr. Bell is hands down the best motivational speaker and person you will find anywhere.”

Toni Watson Dozier

Waldron Public Schools