Larry is Now Offering
a One-Day and a Two-Day Seminar

Two-day Seminar in New Orleans

Effective Strategies for
Struggling Learners

"Struggling learners are our diamonds in the rough!”

  • This two-day seminar is designed to help
    struggling learners from all backgrounds.
  • Many teachers are becoming frustrated
    because they lack specific strategies to
    reach this growing and challenging group.
  • This seminar outlines the characteristics of
    struggling learners and provides strategies
    for how to reach them, ways to engage dis-
    interested learners and addresses other
    issues that alienate these students from their

One-day Seminar in
Ft. Wayne, IN and Pittsburgh, PA

Creating an Engaging

“There are no unmotivated students - only
students who are uninspired!”

  • This one-day seminar will demonstrate how
    to engage all students K-12 who need a
    student-centered learning experience that
    will excite and challenge them.
  • Participants will leave with practical
    strategies and examples of how to make
    teaching more interactive and engaging.
  • The research shows that students who are
    engaged are - less likely to disrupt, earn
    higher grades, feel more confident about
    learning, are willing to accept challenges,
    retain information longer, and are more likely
    to become life-long learners.
  • Both seminars provide strategies that can be implemented the very next day. Larry will model these strategies for the participants.
  • It is highly recommended that schools/districts send a team of at least 5-7 teachers and
    administrators to achieve the best results.
  • Group rates available for schools or districts sending 5 or more participants.
  • Using the team approach enhances the chances for success in implementing the strategies upon returning to your site.