COVID-19 Announcement

We are all struggling with the COVID-19 crisis and our hearts go out to those of you who have suffered from COVID-19 or have had friends and/or family who have suffered. This is certainly a tough time. We look forward to and know that eventually, we will get control of this virus and our lives will once again have some sort of “normalcy.”

For all contracted clients: 
Thank you for your confidence. If the COVID-19 virus situation does not lend itself to an on-site visit, Larry is totally prepared to conduct the presentation you chose virtually. He will bring the same excitement and enthusiasm to the virtual world that he exhibits on-site. He has used Zoom with a very high level of inspirational techniques to involve and inspire his audience.  

For those that may be seeking support in preparing teachers and administrators for the challenges of the upcoming school year:

Larry is available to help. He is offering inspirational virtual presentations. He has designed, “ Back Together Again!”, a series of presentations that provide comfort, as well as ideas to address the uncertainty educators and students will face upon returning.  There are three presentations to choose from: 

“Back Together Again!” 50-minute keynote for teachers.

  • Why your students cried for you during the long break!
  • A thank you for a job well done during this crisis!
  • Recent examples of the power educators have.
  • Capitalizing on your new strengths.
  • Five elements to use to keep inspiring your students.

"Back Together Again!"  A workshop designed for building administrators and central office staff to help develop an overall plan of action.

  • Strategies for identifying and meeting the non-educational needs of our teachers, students, and parents.
  • Identifying and meeting the educational needs of our students.
  • Creative ways to address last year’s loss of instructional time.
  • Setting priorities for the upcoming year.

"Back Together Again!"  A workshop for teachers that is uplifting, positive, and empowering. It is designed to help get us all in the right frame of mind to start welcoming our students back while formulating strategies to help face the unprecedented challenges ahead. 

  • Creating a positive, nurturing classroom to welcome students.
  • Academic strategies that catch students up while keeping integrity intact
  • Ways to inspire and motivate students after a long lay-off.
  • Ways to involve and maintain positive relationships with parents.  

Larry works with each site to make sure your specific issues and concerns are addressed. Email or call Larry today (703.969.0156) so he can share the details of this presentation with you. 

Larry has a number of other presentations he can also do virtually. Please refer to his list of offerings.

Larry has also written a new book entitled, "Back Together Again! An Educator's Framework for Re-Opening Schools During COVID-19. You may purchase this book on Amazon or Kindle.


Back Together Again!: An Educator's Framework for Re-Opening Schools During COVID-19 Paperback – May 28, 2020

  • Are you anxious about how to re-open your school or classroom during COVID-19?
  • Are you looking for ideas that will help you meet the academic and non-academic needs of your students?

You are definitely not alone.  This book will help you sort through many of your questions and concerns in a systematic way. Use this tool to assist you and your staff as you brainstorm, plan, and formulate a custom blueprint for your school.

This book will save you time and energy when it comes to possible scenarios and solutions. It will help your staff focus and put everyone on the same page. As a bonus, it has great ideas to help you plan for staff development in the fall.

Larry Bell is Nationally Recognized as a Leading Educational Motivational Speaker, Consultant & Author

How Larry Bell can help your school

  • Do your teachers need to be uplifted, motivated and inspired?
  • Do your teachers need help building relationships and creating an environment that can lead to safer schools?
  • Do your teachers need strategies proven to increase student achievement while receiving inspiration and affirmation that they can reach every student?
  • Do your teachers need strategies that are designed to immediately motivate and help your most struggling learners?
  • Can your administrators benefit from an on-site Administrative Leadership Training Program that provides invaluable and challenging growth opportunities? 

Then you need Larry Bell. He has been working with schools and districts nationwide for 20+ years and the results have been incredible!

Testing Strategies for Struggling Learners

New Dates Will Be Announced!

Onsite Workshops

Larry does many onsite workshops. He also does many other types of presentations.

Breaking News! California Adopts Larry's Term "At-Promise!" (Read Press Release)

Larry Bell Schools in the News

Larry Bell Schools: The Creswell Experience

There are many Larry Bell schools around the nation. Check out Creswell Elementary School in Shreveport, LA whose success made the news!

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say About Larry Bell

Jesse Najera, Principal
Adelanto Elementary School, Adelanto, CA

Nathan Currie, Principal
Isenberg Elementary School, Salisbury, NC

Lesa Scillion and Vikki Hayslett,
School Administrators
Obion County Schools


For schools and districts that want to get maximum benefit from Larry Bell’s philosophy and strategies Larry has developed his Fundamental Strategies Program.  (click here for more info)


Larry still has some dates available. Contact us by email or give us a call to talk about specifics.