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​Florida public schools face continued pressure from increased accountability and competition from school choice involving charter and private schools. Although there has not been the massive federal policy changes that would lead to more money for charter schools or private schools, some big states like Florida, Texas and Illinois did pass their own laws that would give charter schools more state and local funding. Florida public schools must be ready to handle this dual threat by showing improved academic achievement by all students.

​​​​​It is obvious that the two challenges of showing student growth and being able to demonstrate to parents that Florida public schools are of the highest quality, are not going to end soon. Schools that can demonstrate meeting accountability standards will have a better opportunity to retain the best students in public schools. The data is clear that Larry Bell has helped increase student achievement in Florida schools for the last 20 years. Larry has done this through a combination of powerful and practical strategies that improve the learning foundation of all students and by inspiring teachers to be successful under often very difficult situations. Reminding teachers of the “joy of teaching” has been Larry’s life-long passion.

Improving student achievement while inspiring the staff, must be a priority for every Florida administrator.

"Florida teachers will face tremendous pressure this year to achieve their growth totals while producing well-rounded students that are prepared to go out into the world. While this is taking place, parents in many Florida communities are watching closely to decide if their child should attend public school or should they exercise another option. This fact places dual pressure on school administrators. Florida educators are some of the hardest working, least complaining people I have had the privilege to work with. It is important that administrators provide professional development that can address increasing student achievement and teacher morale simultaneously. I believe that the two things go hand-in-hand. I would love to help your staff improve student achievement while reigniting their fire and passion for teaching. I have found that Florida teachers are extremely capable of doing both.”

Larry Bell

Educational Motivational Speaker, Consultant & Author

The following are just a handful of the 80+ Florida schools/districts Larry has worked with over the last 20 years:

Duval County Schools
J. Colin English Elementary
Milwee Middle School
Pinellas County Schools
Lake Mary High School
Marion County Schools
Putnam County Schools
Leon County Schools
As well as the Florida Department of Education

​This is what educators in Florida say about Larry:

"You inspired me to realize that my attitude first and foremost sets the tone in my classroom. It is easy to lose sight of the beauty of the individuals that walk through my door. I found myself today more aware of how I interact with my students and had one of the best days of the year through this Bell-inspired consciousness."

Amber Joyner

West Lauderdale Middle School

"I want you to know our teachers at Riverside are still on fire after 18 weeks of school. Your in service is still the talk of the district and Riverside. Our teachers are teaching the Unravel strategies everyday and tying them in with the FCAT testing. Your in service is the best I've been to in the 26 years I've been in education.”

John Ellerbee

Jackson County