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Educational Workshops

Onsite Workshops

Larry provides powerful, engaging and interactive workshops for teachers and administrators. These workshops provide effective instructional strategies that can be used the very next day. Larry’s 12 Powerful Words and UNRA(A)VEL strategies are known across the country for resulting in increased achievement and increased test scores. That is not all Larry has to offer. His paradigm shifting workshops demonstrate the importance of high expectations and how expectations translate into specific actions. He provides easy methods for building positive relationships with all students. Throughout his presentation, Larry models how teaching and learning can truly be fun and exciting while effectively teaching the standards.

Suggested Workshops:

The Power of a Teacher Through High Expectations

  • Research on the impact of teacher expectations.
  • Simple strategies that create a classroom culture of high expectations.
  • Five elements of an inspiring lesson plan.
  • Academic strategies to reach African-American and Latino youth.
  • Strategies to build relationships across cultures.
  • How to develop trust and respect with all cultures.

Reaching and Teaching Low-Achieving Students

  • 12 Powerful Words that trip up at-risk students on state tests.
  • UNRA(A)VEL Reading Strategy for struggling learners.
  • Math UNRA(A)VEL Strategy for solving math word problems.
  • Ten teaching strategies found in model schools that have guided
    low-achieving students to success.
  • Twenty daily assessment techniques.
  • Five actions that alienate young African American and Latino males from their teachers.

Effective Classroom Strategies For Struggling Learners

  • Characteristics of struggling learners and how to address their needs.
  • Five essential steps to reach a struggling learner.
  • Ways to engage unmotivated students.
  • Ways to improve test scores of under-achieving students.
  • Positive classroom management techniques.
  • Establishing fundamentals that help struggling learners navigate an academic environment.

Administrative Workshops

Larry has a version of each of the teacher workshops for administrators. These workshops specifically address how administrators can be effective instructional leaders and provide the support necessary for their teachers to implement Larry’s strategies. These workshops are often conducted as retreats or powerful year-end presentations.

What do teachers and administrators think of Larry’s workshops?

“Please know that the money Rankin County spent having Larry Bell present and visit our schools has been the best thing that has happen to me as a teacher.  No other program, workshop, speaker, or webcast has helped me reach my students and get them to believe in themselves like Larry Bell has.”

Michelle Osbourne, Teacher, Rankin County Schools, MS

“Thanks so much.  This session was one of the BEST that I have ever attended in my 38 years as an educator. Very Informative- Motivating- Relevant-Thought Provoking and Enjoyable.”

Dora Hill, Principal, Norcross ES, Norcross, GA


Vicki Booker and Chris Wolfe
Principal and Assistant Principal
Granite Quarry Elementary School, Granite Quarry, NC

Principal Booker and Assistant Principal Wolfe discuss the achievements their school has made since implementing Larry Bell’s strategies. They also discuss how they put the strategies into practice. Larry did an on site presentation for this school.


Amy Dunn Testing Coordinator, Instructional Supervisor, Special Education Director Bradford Special School District, Bradford, TN

Amy Dunn speaks about gains made district wide after incorporating Larry Bell’s strategies. Members of this district came to Larry’s seminar and Larry also did on-site presentations for this district.


Jacob Veenstra
Sixth Grade Teacher
McLaurin Elementary School, Florence, MS

Jacob Veenstra discusses the QDI gains made after using Larry Bell’s strategies for only five months. McLaurin went from a level D school to a level B school. He also discusses strategies the school used to make these gains. Larry did an on-site presentation for this school.


Additional Letters From Teachers and Administrators


Additional Video Testimonials