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Back-to-School Presentations

Larry kicks off a school year like no one else! He amazes his audiences with passion and humor and ignites in them an excitement about being in the classroom. He has spoken at hundreds of back-to–school events and the result is consistently a standing ovation. Let Larry inspire, motivate and recharge your teachers like no one has before!


Larry has developed instructional materials to assist teachers in implementing the Larry Bell Strategies. These materials provide support for teachers and also serve as daily reminders of the goals, strategies and philosophies promoted by Larry. They help to keep students and teachers focused and moving forward.

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When Larry’s strategies are used regularly and consistently the results are impressive! Individual teachers, schools, and districts have all seen improvement when using these strategies. Click here for reference letters and statistical data from schools and districts using Larry’s strategies.

“Our 3rd-5th grade teachers are now using UNRAAVEL in both reading and math. … We made gains in both areas but our greatest gains were with our lowest quartile and the teachers give a great deal of credit to the use of your program. It is so easy to use and students love to utilize it.”

Leanna Dixon, Principal, Hammett Bowen ES, Ocala, FL

“I wanted to let you know that after using the Larry Bell Method, my students scored 92% on the End of Course assessment. When we debriefed, they told me that the UNRA(A)VEL method made it so much easier to read the passages.”

Kimmy Smith, 11th grade English, LaGrange High School, Lake Charles, LA