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Larry Bell Power Rock DVD

Larry Bell Power Rock DVD


Let this powerful DVD teach “12 Powerful Words and UNRAAVEL” using music and movement!

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View samples of Larry’s Power Rock DVD below;

Whether you are musically challenged or musically inclined, this DVD, composed by a music teacher, will do the work for you!

It contains 7 instructional songs: 12 Words (Pop Music), 12 Words Remix (Hip Hop), 12 Words Stomp’N Version, UNRAAVEL (Latin Feel), UNRAAVEL (Pop Music), UNRAAVEL Stomp’N Version, and Comprender (UNRAAVEL in Spanish for your English language learners).

Let Jody, a teacher, and two students teach your students all the moves!

Also included on the DVD:

  • An inspiring message from Larry directly to you!
  • An inspiring message directly to your students!
  • An original song “Whatever It Takes” by teacher Michael Seeberger.

This DVD will make learning the 12 Words and UNRAAVEL easy and fun for all your students!