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TEST – Basic Engagement Strategies Online Workshop 

One Powerful Hour with Larry Bell!

Special Zoom Live Webinar

Join Online - Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone

  Saturday - October 29th, 2022

11:00 AM-12:00 Noon EST (10:00-11:00 AM CST)

$75.00 per participant

  • Engagement is difficult to master for some teachers. New, first year and inexperienced teachers often struggle to hold the attention of their students. Abundant research shows discipline problems are greatly related to students not being engaged in the classroom.
  • Likewise, veteran teachers working with “at-promise” students in challenging areas often struggle to engage their students as well
  • Teachers who simply want to get back to the basics of just good teaching will greatly appreciate this workshop
  • This workshop is specifically designed to help teachers by presenting simple and easy to implement techniques. Instructions that can be placed on the board verbatim are include. Teachers can immediately “plug in” the strategies and “keep moving forward.”
  • Four aspects of engagement will be covered in minute detail. Engaging strategies to open class, teach content and close class will be the focus.


- A Working Definition of Student Engagement
- Benefits of Student Engagement

Engaging Strategies to Open Class with Excitement

- Strategies for the next 10 days
- Additional opening strategies to plug in

Engaging Strategies for Teaching Content (Making required material engaging)

- Strategies for the next 10 days
- Additional engaging strategies for teaching content

Engaging Strategies to Close Class

- Strategies for the next 10 days
- Additional closing, engaging strategies

Ways to encourage students to help them stay engaged
Closing Thoughts